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(years active: 1997-2002, 2012-present)


(years active: 1977-1981 as original Baccara with Mayte Mateo and Maria Mendiola, 1983-present two versions - "Mayte Mateao's Baccara" and "Maria Mendiola's Baccara")

Baltimora (x)

(years active: 1984-1987)


(years active: 1981-present)

The Bangles

(years active: 1981-1989, 1998-present)

Barclay James Harvest

(years active: 1966-present)

Barry White († 2003)

(years active: 1959-2003)

The Barry White Experience

(years active: 2004-present)

Bee Gees (x)

(years active: 1958-2003, 2006, 2009-2012)

Belinda Carlisle

(years active: 1978-1985 as lead singer for "The Go Go's", 1985-present as solo artist)

The Bellamy Brothers

(years active: 1968-present)


(years active: 1978-1987, 1997-present)

Big Fun (x)

(years active: 1988-1994)

Billy Ocean

(years active: 1969-present)

Billy Paul († 2016)

(years active: 1952-2016)

Billy Preston († 2006)

(years active: 1956-2005)

Billy Squier

(years active: 1968-present)


(years active: 2008-present)

Black († 2016)

(years active: 1981-2016)

Black Box

(years active: 1988-present)


(years active: 2000-2005, 2011-present)

Bob Welch († 2012)

(years active: 1971-1974 for "Fleetwood Mac", 1975-1977 for "Paris", 1978-2012 as solo artist)

Boney M.

(years active: 1974-1986 as original "Boney M.", from 1990 onwards all four original members were allowed to perform their own Boney M. Shows / 1990-2010 "Bobby Farrell's Boney M." († 2010), 1990-present "Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell" / 1990-present "Boney. M. feat. Maizie Williams" / Marcia Barrett was never involved in any Boney M. projects throughout the following decades)

Bonnie Tyler

(years active: 1969-present)

Boy Meets Girl

(years active: 1982-present)

Brotherhood Of Man

(years active: 1969-present)

Bruce Hornsby

(years active: 1974-present)

Bruce Springsteen

(years active: 1964-present)

Boy George

(years active: 1979-present)

Bucks Fizz / The Fizz

(years active: 1981-1985 as original "Bucks Fizz" / 1985-present with original member Bobby G as "Bucks Fizz" / 2004-present with the other three original members Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan as "The Fizz")

Burton Cummings

(years active: 1965-present)

Busta Rhymes

(years active: 1989-present)

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