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(years active: 1992-1997, 2008-present)


(years active: 1969-1997, 2019-present)

Dana Interntational

(years active: 1992-present)

Dan Fogelberg († 2007)

(years active: 1968-2007)

Dan Hartman († 1994)

(years active: 1963-1994)

Dan Hill

(years active: 1975-present)

Daniel Boone (x)

(years active: 1958-2019)

Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble

(years active: 1974-1982, 2010-present)

Dannii Minogue

(years active: 1979-present)

Danyel Gérard (x)

(years active: 1958-2016)

Dario G.

(years active: 1997-present)

Daryl Hall & John Oates

(years active: 1970-present)

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

(years active: 1964-present)

David Christie († 1997)

(years active: 1974-1997)

David Dundas (x)

(years active: 1968-2019)

David Garrick († 2013)

(years active: 1968-2013)

De La Soul

(years active: 1988-present)

DeBarge (x)

(years active: 1979-1989)

Debbie Gibson

(years active: 1986-present)


(years active: 1976-present)

Demis Roussos († 2015)

(years active: 1967-1971 as lead singer for "Aphrodite's Child", 1971-2014 as solo artist)

Den Harrow

(years active: 1983-present)

Deniece Williams

(years active: 1968-present)

Dennis Edwards († 2018)

(years active: 1968-1976 + 1980-1984 + 1987-1989 as frontman for "The Temptations", 1984-1990 also as solo artist, 1994-2017 as frontman for "The Temptations Review feat. Dennis Edwards)


(years active: 1986-present)

Desmond Dekker († 2006)

(years active: 1963-2006)


(years active: 1991-present)


(years active: 1995-present)

Dima Bilan

(years active: 2000-present)

Dionne Warwik

(years active: 1955-present)

Dire Straits (x)

(years active: 1977-1988, 1991-1995)

Dire Straits Experience

(years active: 2011-present)

Divine († 1988)

(years active: 1966-1988)

Dollar (x)

(years active: 1978-1983, 1986-1988)

Don Johnson

(years active: as musician/singer 1986-1990)

Donna Summer († 2012)

(years active: 1968-2012)

Down Low

(years active: 1995-present)

Dr. Alban

(years active: 1989-present)


(years active: 1967-present)

Dusty Springfield († 1999)

(years active: 1958-1995)

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