ALICE is an Italian singer-songwriter and pianist, active since 1971. She had her breakthrough after winning the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Per Elisa" in 1981, followed by European hit singles as "Una Notte Speciale", "Messaggio", "Chan-son Egocentrique", "Prospettiva Nevski" and "Nomadi" and albums like "Gioielli Rubati", "Park Hotel", "Elisir", and "Il Sole Nella Pioggia" charting in both Continental Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. In 1984 she represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest with "I Treni Di Tozeur", a duet with longtime collaborator Franco Battiato. In her more recent career ALICE has explored a diverse range of musical genres including classical, jazz, electronica, and ambient. She has collaborated with many renowned English and American musicians.


The Videos:

"Il Vento Caldo Dell'Estate"  (1980)

"Per Elisa" (1981)

"Una Notte Speciale" (1981)

"Messaggio" (1982)

"A Cosa Pensano" (1982)

"I Treni Di Tozeur" (1984)

"Prospettiva Nevski" (1985)

"Summer On A Solitary Beach" (1985)

"Visioni" (1989)

"Open Your Eyes" (1998)

"Il Giorno Dell'Indipendenza" (2000)


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