THE FIZZ (formerly Bucks Fizz)

BUCKS FIZZ is a British pop group which achieved success in the 1980s, most notably for winning the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Making Your Mind Up". The group was formed in January 1981 specifically for the contest and comprised four vocalists: Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. They achieved instant attention with the dance routine which accompanied the song, involving a skirt-rip.

BUCKS FIZZ went on to have a successful career around the world (albeit ignored in the United States), while the UK and Central Europe remained their biggest markets, where they had a string of hits including “Making Your Mind Up”, “Piece Of The Action”, “The Land of Make Believe”, and “My Camera Never Lies”. The group  became one of the top-selling groups of the 1980s.

The line-up of the group has changed a number of times over the years, most famously when Jay Aston quit the group in 1985 and was replaced by Shelley Preston. Today, two versions of the group exist: the official version, which includes original member Bobby G, and a version comprising the other three original members (Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston) under the name "THE FIZZ".




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