BURTON CUMMINGS is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter. He is the former lead singer and keyboardist for the Canadian rock band ‘The Guess Who’. During his ten years in the band, from 1965 to 1975, he sang, wrote or co-wrote many hit songs, including "American Woman", "No Time", "Share the Land", "Hand Me Down World", "Laughing", "Star Baby", "New Mother Nature", "These Eyes", and "Clap for the Wolfman".

His solo career also includes many international hits, including "Stand Tall", "My Own Way to Rock", "Fine State of Affairs", and "You Saved My Soul".

On 30th December 2009, BURTON CUMMINGS was named an officer of the Order of Canada, one of the country's highest civilian honors to mark a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to community, and service to the nation.


The Videos:

"Stand Tall" (1976)

"I'm Scared" (1976)

"My Own Way To Rock" (1977)

"Your Back Yard" (1977)

"Break It To Them Gently" (1978)

"You Saved My Soul" (1981)

"Something Old, Something New" (1982)

"Take One Away" (1990)

"Free" (1990)




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