CARON WHEELER is a British singer, songwriter, record producer and musician. Born and raised in London, she performed in various singing competitions as a teenager and began her recording career as one of the founding members of ‘Brown Sugar’. She was also one of the founding member of the female backing vocalist group ‘Afrodiziak’.

CARON WHEELER officially rose to fame in the late 1980s as lead singer of R&B group ‘Soul II Soul’. Managed by her fellow bandmate, Jazzie B, the group became one of the London's best-selling groups of all time. Their debut album “Club Classics Vol. One” (1989), which established them as a global success worldwide, earned two Grammy Awards and featured the UK and Billboard number-one singles "Keep on Movin'" and "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)".

Following the exit from the group in 1990, CARON WHEELER released her debut solo album “UK Blak” (1990), which contained hits "Livin' In The Light", "UK Blak", and "Don't Quit". She continued her solo career with the release of her second album “Beach Of The War Goddess” (1993). Wheeler reunited with ‘Soul II Soul’ in 1994, but left in 1995 due to creative differences. Throughout her career, she has performed on and off with ‘Soul II Soul’ but officially rejoined them in 2013.

Her dynamic on-stage performances have led many critics to consider her one of the most effective singers in popular music. Throughout a career spanning 40 years, she has sold over six million records collectively as a solo artist and as a member of ‘Soul II Soul’. In June 2012 CARON WHEELER was honored with the Heritage Award from Performing Right Society along with the members of ‘Soul II Soul’.


The Videos:

"Keep On Movin'" (1989)

"Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)" (1989)

"Livin' In The Light" (1990)

"UK Blak" (1990)

"Blue (Is The Colour Of Pain)" (1991)

"In Our Love" (1993)

"Just The Two of Us" (1996)

"Treat You" (2013)


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