CHUBBY CHECKER is an American singer-songwriter. He is widely known for popularizing the twist dance style, with his 1960 hit cover of Hank Ballard's R&B hit "The Twist". In September 2008 "The Twist" topped Billboard's list of the most popular singles to have appeared in the Hot 100 since its debut in 1958, an honor it maintained for an August 2013 update of the list. He also popularized the 'Limbo Rock' and its trademark limbo dance, as well as various dance styles such as 'The Fly'.

CHUBBY CHECKER is the only recording artist to place five albums in the US-Top 12 all at once. He scored many worldwide chart hits including "The Twist", "The Hucklebuck", "Pony Time", "Let's Twist Again", "The Fly", "Dancin' Party", and "Limbo Rock".


The Videos:

"The Twist" (1960)

"The Hucklebuck" (1960)

"Pony Time" (1961)

"Twistin' U.S.A." (1961)

"Let's Twist Again" (1961)

"The Fly" (1961/1962)

"Slow Twistin'" (1962)

"Dancin' Party" (1962)

"Limbo Rock" (1962/1963)

"Let's Limbo Some More" (1963)

"Hey, Bobba Needle" (1964)

"The Twist (Yo, Twist!)" (1988)


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