D:REAM is a Northern Irish pop rock and dance group. They had a No. 1 hit with "Things Can Only Get Better" in 1994 as well as eight more top 40 hits. They released two albums, both of which reached the top ten. The group had an all-male line-up which varied in number, but mainly centred on lead singer Peter Cunnah. The live band included keyboard player Brian Cox, who is a professor of physics and a television presenter, though Cunnah normally played keyboards on studio recordings.


The Videos:

"Things Can Only Get Better" (1993)

"U R The Best Thing" (1994)

"Take Me Away" (1994)

"Shoot Me With Your Love" (1995)

"Party Up The World" (1995)

"The Power (Of All The Love In The World)" (1995/1996)


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