DANA is a retired Irish singer and former Member of the European Parliament (MEP). While still a schoolgirl she won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with "All Kinds of Everything". It became a worldwide million-seller and launched her music career. In 1997 she entered politics, as Dana Rosemary Scallon, unfortunately running unsuccessfully in the Irish presidential election in the same year, but later being elected as an MEP for Connacht–Ulster in 1999. She was again an independent candidate in the Irish 2011 presidential election, but was eliminated on the first count. During her singing career she archieved chart hits including "All Kinds Of Everything", "Who Put The Lights Out", "Please Tell Him That I Said Hello", "It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas", and "Fairytale".


The Videos:

"All Kinds Of Everything" (1970)

"Who Put The Lights Out" (1971)

"Please Tell Him That I Said Hello" (1974)

"It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas" (1975)

"Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" (1976)

"Fairytale" (1976)

"I Feel Love Comin' On" (1982)


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