DANIEL SENTACRUZ ENSEMBLE is an Italian pop group formed in 1974. Since their first single "Soleado", which ranked number two on the Italian singles chart, the group had a significant commercial success with almost 100 million sold copies, even thanks to the English version “When A Child Is Born” sung by many artists as Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Charles Aznavuor, Bing Crosby, Michael Holm…

This huge international success followed the hit singles “Aguador” and “Un Sospero” in 1975.

In 1976 and 1978 the group entered the main competition at the ‘Sanremo Music Festival’ with the songs "Linda Bella Linda" and "1/2 Notte".

The current line-up of DANIEL SENTACRUZ ENSEMBLE, Gianni Minuti Muffolini (guitar, voice), Ciro Dammicco (keyboards, voice), Mara Cubbedu (voice), Rosanna Barbieri (voice), Peppe Nacca (bass), Salvyo Maiello (drums), are still on tour throughout the world performing live all their hits.


The Videos:

"Soleado" (1974)

"Aguador" (1975)

"Un Sospero" (1975)

"Linda Bella Linda" (1976)

"1/2 Notte" (1977)

"Uffa, Domani è Lunedì" 1978)

"Nel Cielo" (1980)

"Oceano blu" (1981)

"Per Una Volta Ancora Insieme" (1982)


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