EARTH & FIRE were a Progressive and Symphonic Rock band who over time evolved into a Pop group. Formed in the Netherlands by twin brothers Chris and Gerard Koerts, and most popular in the 1970s when fronted by singer Jerney Kaagman, EARTH & FIRE had many chart-topping hits in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Their biggest international hit was "Weekend", a number one in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Portugal.


The Videos:

"Seasons" (1970)

"Ruby Is The One" (1970)

"Wild And Exciting" (1970/1971)

"Invitation" (1971)

"Memories" (1972)

"Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight" (1973)

"Love Of Life" (1974)

"Thanks For The Love" (1975)

"Weekend" (1979)

"Fire Of Love" (1980)

"Dream" (1981)

"Twenty Four Hours" (1982)

"Jack Is Back" (1983)

"The Two Of Us" (1983/1984)


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