HADDAWAY is a Trinidadian-born German, now Austrian-based vocalist and musician. He scored a huge crossover hit throughout Europe with the anthemic “What Is Love” in 1993, followed by “Life”.

HADDAWAY grew up in Washington, DC, USA, before locating to Cologne, Germany, to find employment as a singer and dancer. There he formed a band called ‘Elegato’ with keyboard player Alex Trime, before embarking on solo work with the production duo of Dee Dee Halligan and Junior Turello in 1992. Halligan and Turello, also known as Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann respectively, jointly headed the Coconut record label. They had previously produced ‘Bad Boys Blue’ and ‘Chypnotic’ among others. Backed by the songwriting and production expertise of Trime, Halligan and Turello “What Is Love”, originally written as a ballad, eventually reached #2 in the UK charts in April 1993. “Life” reached #6 a few months later, ensuring HADDAWAY’s status as Europe’s most successful solo artist of 1993. His debut album achieved gold status and reached the UK Top 10.

HADDAWAY himself, though often compared to the Euro dance fare of ‘2 Unlimited’ and ‘Cappella’, is a far more sophisticated proposition. He has a college degree in marketing, his own business career, his own fashion company (Energy) and until 1994 was completely self-managed. Prior to his chart residencies he was also a professional American footballer for the Cologne Crocodiles.

HADDAWAY enjoyed further European hit singles with “I Miss You”, “Rock My Heart”, "Fly Away", and  "Catch A Fire".




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