THE J. GEILS BAND was an American rock band formed in 1968, in Worcester, Massachusetts, under the leadership of guitarist John "J." Geils. The original band members included vocalist Peter Wolf, harmonica and saxophone player Richard "Magic Dick" Salwitz, drummer Stephen Bladd, vocalist/keyboardist Seth Justman and bassist Danny Klein. Peter Wolf and Seth Justman served as principal songwriters. The band played R&B-influenced blues rock during the 1970s and soon achieved commercial success before moving towards a more mainstream radio-friendly sound in the early 1980s, which brought the band to its commercial peak. After Peter Wolf left the band in 1983 to pursue a solo career, the band released one more album in 1984 with Seth Justman on lead vocals before breaking up in 1985. Beginning in 1999, the band had several reunions prior to the death of its namesake founder J. Geils in 2017.

The band first released several Top 40 singles in the early 1970s, including "Lookin' For A Love" and "Give It To Me". Their biggest hits included "Must Of Got Lost", "Come Back", "Love Stinks", "Freeze-Frame" , and "Centerfold".

Sadly, J. GEILS (John Warren Geils Jr.) died from natural causes on 11th April 2017, at the age of 71 !



"Looking For A Love" (1971)

"Give It To Me" (1973)

"Where Did Our Love Go" (1976)

"I Do" (1977)

"Come Back" (1980)

"Love Stinks" (1980)

"Centerfold" (1981)

"Freeze-Frame" (1982)

"Angel In Blue" (1982)


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