KAOMA is a French-Brazilian pop group best known for their worldwide hit singles including "Lambada", "Dançando Lambada", "Lambamor", and "Danca Tago Mago". Currently the group consiting of: Chyco Dru (founding member; from Martinique, is a rasta man with overwhelming energy as a songwriter and bass player), Jacky Arconte (founding member; the composer and extraordinary guitar player from Guadeloupe), Etna Brasyl (a lyricist and singer from Brazil with a soft, velvety voice that floats like a dragon fly over the melodies), Gini (a young professional Brazilian dancer), and Rodrigo De Oliveira (Brazilian dancer and musician).


The Videos:

Lambada (1989)

Dancando Lambada (1989)

Lambamor (1989/1990)

Mélodie D'Amour (1990)

Jambé Finète (Grille) (1990)

Danca Tago Mago (1991)

Moco Do Dende (1991)


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