KOTO is an Italian synthpop group that originally consisted of Anfrando Maiola and Stefano Cundari, later with the Dutch composer Michiel van der Kuy. The music of KOTO is named "spacesynth", which combines elements of Synthpop, Italo-Disco, Space-Disco, and Hi-NRG. They had their main success between 1982 and 1989. From the begin of the 1990’s KOTO fell silent but their hits were still played in many clubs around the globe. During this period, it has been revealed that Stefano Cundari died (in 1990). In 2001, Anfrando Maiola bought back the rights to the KOTO name, has released three more singles under that alias and is still performing and touring. The first five KOTO hit singles are included on many Italo-Disco and '80s compilations and retrospectives.


The Videos:

"Chinese Revenge" (1982)

"Japanese War Game" (1983)

"Visitors" (1985)

"Jabdah" (1986)

"The Koto Mix" (1987)

"Dragon's Legend" (1988)

"Champion's Cue" (1990)

"Still Alive" (2001)

"Song For Love" (2011)

"Jabdah" (Video Mix 2016)


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