MAGGIE REILLY is a Scottish singer of Irish descent best known for her collaborations with the composer and instrumentalist Mike Oldfield between 1980 and 1984, especially by co-writing and performing the vocals on "Family Man" (and other tracks on the album "Five Miles Out"), "Moonlight Shadow", "Foreign Affair", and "To France", and her solo career with international chart hits including "What About Tomorrows Children", "Everytime We Touch", "Wait", and "Tears In The Rain".

MAGGIE REILLY has also worked with many other artists, including Mike Batt, Jack Bruce, Michael Cretu, Ralph McTell, Simon Nicol of 'Fairport Convention', Stefan Zauner of 'Münchener Freiheit', 'The Sisters of Mercy', and 'Smokie'.


The Videos:

Moonlight Shadow (1983)

Foreign Affair (1983)

To France (1984)

Blue Night (1989)

Everytime We Touch (1992)

Wait (1992)

Follow The Midnight Sun (1993)


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