ODYSSEY is originally a New York, United States-based singing group, best known for their series of mainly dance and soul hits in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Now based in the UK, the band is led and fronted by Steven Collazo and continues to perform and record.

The group began as the Connecticut-born "Lopez Sisters" group, featuring Steven's mother, Lillian (Lillian Lopez Collazo Jackson; died 4th September 2012), Louise Lopez (died 28th January 2015), and Carmen Lopez, the latter having left the group before Odyssey, as the act would come to be known after her departure, was conceived. Filipino bassist and singer Tony Reynolds joined the group soon after "Native New Yorker" reached no. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100, no. 5 in the UK Singles Chart.

ODYSSEY, now led by Steven Collazo, featured by Kate J. Sutherland and Janet Rasmus.


The Videos:

"Native New Yorker" (1977)

"Use It Up And Wear It Out" (1980)

"If You're Lookin' For A Way Out" (1980)

"Hang Together" (1981)

"Going Back To My Roots" (1981)

"Inside Out" (1982)


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