THE ORIGINAL JUKEBOX HEROES is a British band and was formed back in 2005, from a coming together of star members from some of the most revered pop and rock bands of the seventies. Since then it has a earned a reputation second to none at home and abroad, by bringing back the totally live authentic sounds of those unforgettable glam rock hit-makers.

It’s current all-star line-up is as follows:

STEVE WHALLEY (ex SLADE) (guitar & vocals) : Steve took over the job of frontman with ‘Slade’ from the amazing Noddy Holder. Not an easy thing to do but Steve was the only man for the job and he made it for 15 years. With his blues roots Steve gave ‘Slade’ a distinctive sound that took the band into the 21st century giving them a renewed power and a whole new fan base.

PETE PHIPPS (THE GLITTER BAND) (drums) : Pete is the powerhouse behind the band. He was and still is the original drummer with ‘The Glitter Band’. However his career has also included playing sessions and touring with many big name acts as ‘The Eurythmics’, just to name one.

PHIL HENDRIKS (Les McKeown’s Legendary BAY CITY ROLLERS) (guitar/vocals) : Phil is one of the younger members of the band who in the eighties with his power pop-rock band ‘The Stiffs’ had chart success with several hits. The band still appears on punk and rock festivals all over Europe. Working with Les McKeown Phil has now transformed the sound and given it the edge that keeps it rolling on.

JEFF BROWN (ex-THE SWEET) (bass & vocals) : Jeff played bass guitar and was also the lead vocalist with ‘The Sweet’ for 16 years. Jeff’s rock style vocals and bass playing have also given a varied career playing with and for many different artists including Alan Silson (original Smokie) Ian Gillian (Deep Purple) John Coughlan (Status Quo) John Lawton (Uriah Heep) and many more. Jeff is currently playing and singing for ‘The Tremeloes’.

PHIL WRIGHT (PAPER LACE) (vocals & percussion & drums) : Phil is the original lead vocalist and drummer with ‘Paper Lace’ who in 1974 had UK chart success with songs as “Billy Don’t Be A Hero”, “The Night Chicago Died”, “The Black Eyed Boys”, “Hitchin' A Ride 75’” and a few more. With “The Night Chicago Died” ‘paer Lace’ achieved the No 1 position in the USA and becoming the largest selling single worldwide of 1974. Phil still drums and sings those hits with ‘Paper Lace’, as he does with OJBH also providing extra percussion and acoustic guitar, together with some high pitched backing vocals.

DAVE MAJOR (T. REX) (keyboards & vocals) : Dave is another young member of the band but his experience and song writing prowess are that of an all round truly gifted musician. A member of the only true descendant of Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn’s Original T-REX, he brings another great talent and a list of hits from the seventies.


The Videos:

Promo Clip

"My Oh My" (Slade)

"Angel Face" (The Glitter Band)

"Saturday Night" (Bay City Rollers)

"Ballroom Blitz" (The Sweet)

"The Night Chicago Died" (Paper Lace)

"Hot Love" (T.Rex)


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