PRECIOUS WILSON is a Jamaica-born UK-based soul singer. She started out as a backing singer for the this time all-male group ERUPTION and achieved charts hits with the band including "Party Party", "I Can't Stand The Rain", and "One Way Ticket". In 1979 she left the group to pursue a solo career to achieve chart hits as "Hold On, I'm Coming", "Cry To Me", and "We Are On The Race Track".


The Videos:

"Party, Party" (1977)

"I Can't Stand The Rain" (1977/1978)

"Leave A Light" (1978/1979)

"One Way Ticket" (1979)
"Hold On, I'm Coming" (1979)

"Cry To Me" (1980)

"We Are On The Race Track" (1981)

"I Need You" (1981)

"I Don't Know" (1982)


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