QUARTERFLASH is an American rock group formed in 1980. The band was originally made up of the only two current members, Rindy Ross (lead vocals and saxophone), her husband Marv Ross (guitars), along with Jack Charles (guitars), Jon Propp (keyboards/synthesizers), Rich Gooch (electric bass), and Brian David Willis (drums and percussion). Having a lead singer who also played the saxophone made QUARTERFLASH notable. In a interview, Rindy Ross said that she viewed the saxophone as an extension of her voice, enabling her to express things she could not express with her voice alone. In September 1981 QUARTERFLASH released their self-titled debut album "Quarterflash", reaching No. 8 on Billboard's U.S. Top LPs & Tape chart and earning RIAA platinum status in June 1982. The album contained the song "Harden My Heart", which became their biggest hit single worldwide. In 1983 the band released their second album "Take Another Picture" including their second worldwide hit single "Take Me To Heart".

In June 2008 and in September 2013, Marv and Rindy Ross released two new QUARTERFLASH albums, "Goodbye Uncle Buzz" and "Love Is A Road".




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"Right Kind Of Love" (1982)

"Night Shift" 1982/1983)

"Take Me To Heart" (1983)

"Take Another Picture" (1983/1984)

"Talk To Me" (1985)


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