RICHARD CLAYDERMAN is a French pianist who has released numerous albums including the compositions of Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint, instrumental renditions of popular music, rearrangements of movie soundtracks, ethnic music, and easy-listening arrangements of popular works of classical music. His first hit single was in 1976, selling over 25 million copies in 38 countries worldwide at that time, called "Ballade Pour Adeline". He has recorded over 1,300 melodies and has created a new romantic style through a repertoire which combines his trademark originals with classics and pop standards.

RICHARD CLAYDERMAN has devoted much of his time performing concerts, going as far as playing 200 shows in a year. As of 2014, his record sales number at approximately 180 million, and has almost 270 gold and over 70 platinum albums to his credit. He is very popular in Asia and is noted by the 'Guinness Book of World Records' as being "the most successful pianist in the world".


The Videos:

"Ballade Pour Adeline"

"Dolannes Melody"


"Für Elise"

"La Tendresse"

"Lady Di"

"Mariage D'amour"

"Moonlight Serenade"


"Poetic Sonatina"


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