S'EXPRESS were a British dance music act, who had one of the earliest commercial successes in the acid house genre. The song "Theme From S'Express", based on Rose Royce's "Is It Love You're After", was also one of the earliest recordings to capitalize on a resurgence of sampling culture and went to number one in the UK as well as on the Hot Dance Club Play chart in the USA and top ten on many other singles charts around the globe. The main player in the act was DJ/producer and remixer Mark Moore. In 1989, the group released its debut album, "Original Soundtrack", which featured a line-up of Mark M (Moore, noise engineer), Michellé (microdot clarinet and vox), Mark D (trumpet, noise, boogie factor), Jocasta (hi-hat hairspray, background vox), and Pascal (noise engineer). The album consisted of slightly longer versions of S-Express's Theme and its follow-up hits "Superfly Guy" and "Hey Music Lover". Singer Billie Ray Martin also appeared on several tracks on its debut. By the release of the second album "Intercourse", the act was reduced to a duo of Mark Moore with new vocalist and DJ Sonique. Although not as successful as its debut, "Intercourse" spawned several mid-charting singles and club hits, most notably "Nothing To Lose". Sonique, already a successful DJ, eventually embarked on a solo career and produced one of the biggest club hits of the late 1990s ("It Feels So Good"). Mark Moore went on to release many singles, remixes and albums on his own, also formed the band 'Needledust', and has also remixed hit songs from 'Client', 'Soft Cell', and the 'B-52's'.


The Videos:

"Theme From S'Express" (1988)

"Superfly Guy" (1988)

"Hey Music Lover" (1989)

"Mantra For A State Of Mind" (1989)

"Nothing To Lose" (1990)

"Find 'Em, Fool 'Em, Forget 'Em" (1991)


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