SHAKATAK are an English jazz-funk band, founded in 1980. The band scored a number of chart entries, including "Night Birds" (1982) and "Down On The Street" (1984), plus a further 12 entries in the 'Guinness Book of British Hit Singles'. The group are still very active and popular throughout the world, particularly in the UK, Japan and the Far East. From their first release in August 1980, the Bill Sharpe composition "Steppin'", and their first album "Drivin' Hard", the band's singles and albums have entered the charts regularly.


The Videos:

"Easier Said Than Done" (1981)

"Night Birds" (1982)

"Streetwalkin'" (1982)

"Invitations" (1982)

"Stranger" (1982)

"Dark Is The Night" (1983)

"Out Of This World" (1983)

"Down On The Street" (1984)

"Don't Blame It On Love" (1984)

"City Rhythm" (1985)

"Day By Day" (1985)

"Mr. Manic And Sister Cool" (1987)

"Turn The Music Up" (1987)

"Back To The Groove" (1989)

"One Day At A Time" (1993)

"Let The Piano Play" (1997)


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