THE VIENNA RESIDENCE ORCHESTRA, established by the pianist and conductor Paul Moser and his wife Sylvia Moser, has a long tradition to present the Viennese classics in their full glory. The orchestra plays pieces from Mozart to the Strauss dynasty in a numerous number of events throughout a year in the recent decades. The cast starts at a minimum of ten up to over 50 musicians with the possibility adding opera singers and ballet dancers.

In 1992 world-famous Rudolf Nurejev became the orchestra’s first guest director. He was quickly seen in concerts throughout Europe with THE VIENNA RESIDENCE ORCHESTRA and had a sensational success. Significant European artists were guests alongside THE VIENNA RESIDENCE ORCHESTRA as Rainer Küchl, The Vienna Philharmonic’s concertmaster, star tenor Jochen Kowalski, the conductors Arild Remmereit, Giuseppe Lanzetta, Herbert Roggenburg, besides many others.

THE VIENNA RESIDENCE ORCHESTRA is also a welcome guest at internationally renowned festivals in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Venice, Budapest, Athens, Madrid, Montreal, Montevideo, and Mexico.

THE VIENNA RESIDENCE ORCHESTRA is one of the world’s best chamber orchestras performing globally.

Under the musical leadership of Prof. Christian Pollack and guest conductors Robert Lehrbaumer, Gerhard Lagrange, Daniel- Hoyem Cavazza and Mag. Zoltán Janikovic, the concerts of THE VIENNA RESIDENCE ORCHESTRA are cultural highlights and a high-class musical journey to Vienna/Austria.


The Videos:

Promo Video (long)

Special concert in the Mozart Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus


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